Possible Warning Signs of Substance Use

Change in grades
Change in appearance
Loss of interest in hygiene
Drug related clothing
Red or glazed eyes
Unusual smells – smoke, alcohol on breath, etc.

Change in friends
Change in school attendance
Loses interest in former hobbies/interests
Lying or secretive behavior
Changes in behavior – moodiness, depression, etc.
Change in eating and/or sleeping habits

Strange items in their rooms/cars/on person, etc that you don’t know what it is and could be drug related
Alcohol in house is missing
Sudden use of strong smells – cologne, perfume, candles, room deodorant, etc
Unaccounted money – either missing or in their possession
Grinding of the teeth

Ideas adapted from:  DARE America, National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign, and Human Relations Media Co. “Methamphetamines:  The Hard Facts”





















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