During School Hours: Grades K-12

Information for Parents

Students who are required to take any type of medication during school hours, must have on file in the school nurse's office a Prescription Medication Authorization form signed by the parent or guardian.

All medication must be contained in a current pharmacy container labeled with the student's name, prescriber's name, date, medication, dosage, and time to be given. Any change in type, frequency or amounts of medication will require completion of a new Prescription Medication Authorization Form.

In the event circumstances make it impossible to fulfill the above referenced procedure, and it is imperative that a student have the medication, it will be given for two days only. The parent/guardian must write or telephone this special request to the nurse. However, it is required that continued medication can be provided only upon following the above stated procedure.

Parents of students who are taking prescribed Class II or controlled substances must bring the medication to the school nurse. In the absence of the parents or guardian, an authorized adult may bring the medication to the nurse.


It is recommended that every possible means be taken to give children medication at home. If it becomes necessary for a student to take any form of medication at school, these steps must be followed:

1.  Medication properly labeled in the original pharmacy labeled bottle.

2.  Written permission from the parents authorizing the school district to administer the medication.

3.  A medication log documenting when medication is administered.

4.  Medication must be kept in a clean, locked cabinet.

The five legal requirements above must be met before medication is to be administered at school.

Medication can only legally be given by the school's registered nurse or by school personnel whom the school nurse has trained and delegated the task of giving medication.


   Identify student.

   Identify medication.

      Check student's name on the bottle

      Check date and time to be given on bottle

      Check name of medication on bottle

      Check dosage of medication to be given on bottle

      Check route of administration

      Check for any other instructions on the bottle

Compare information on the bottle with information on medication record form

Doctor's order should be attached to medication record

Make sure that medication has not already been given for that time

Record time that medication is given

Return medication to locked cabinet

Name of delegatee_________________________Name of delegator_________________

Date of instruction________________________Initial of instructor and delegatee______






















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