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Mission Statement

School, families, and community will prepare all students to be academically proficient and to conduct themselves as responsible members of our school and community.

School Wide Desired Learner Results (Vision)

Every student, in every grade should be taken from where they are academically and socially to his/her optimum level of achievement in all subject areas.

  • We believe student learning, discipline, cooperation and a safe environment should be the chief priority of the school.
  • We believe that each student is valued as an individual with unique ethical, intellectual, social and emotional needs and therefore different approaches to teaching content areas must be used so that all students may be successful learners.
  • We believe that optimum learning depends on balancing clear and firm expectations with acceptance and encouragement.
  • We believe that teachers, parents, students and the community must commit to a shared mission that focuses on high expectations, academic excellence, responsibility, and lifelong learning for all of our children.
  • We believe the curriculum should reflect a relevancy to the real world so that students are prepared for life after high school.  Therefore, all lessons should be relevant to the "real world" so the students can see why it is so important to learn a specific content area.


Belief Statements (Values)

Motto:  "Learning for All, All for Learning"